Financováno z Fondů EHP 2014-2021

Lamp Of Murmuur (USA) + Dödsrit(SWE/NL) + Nāv (CZ)




27. 04. 2022 | 19:00


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Lamp of Murmuur (USA) – USBM
Once again we have one solo project. This time a man with the mysterious pseudonym “M”. Compared to Dödsrit, we can expect an experience of a slightly more depressing caliber. The “band” is a relatively new discovery on the scene and it will really be a surprise to everyone what actually awaits us live. The first album was released publicly around 2019 and it is certain that we can look forward to a nice portion of “warpaint” USBM. Even during such a short existence of the project, we can find countless demos, EPs and splits that are worth listening to. This is the premiere European tour and the imaginary culmination of next year’s black metal guise.

Dödsrit (SWE / NL) – black metal / crust
The project of a guy named Christoffer Öster (ex-guitar Totem Skin), which has been proven in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world, has only been rolling the souls of many since 2017, when he released his first album with the help of no less skilful guests. a fan of this style. When I listen, it seems like the band has been on the scene since time immemorial, and with each new album we can hear the progress the project is going through. Mortal Coil’s latest album is the imaginary culmination of their work so far. This band is just invisible in the Czech Republic and their tour will surely show us that they also have something to offer live.

Nāv (CZ) – Black metal
The upcoming event will also have a Czech music track. The concert will be opened by the well-known Nāv, who with their relatively strong concert activity have won an indelible place on the Czech black metal scene. So far, they have made two recordings, which only confirm their status. At the same time, they will also warm up the stage for two other foreign performers.

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