Financováno z Fondů EHP 2014-2021

American Folk Session: Kristi Lei


Music Lab


30. 11. 2022 | 19:00


Sit down with American singer-songwriter, Kristi Lei for a night of catchy lyrics and rhythmic stories. Sharing songs from her recent EP album, Becoming Memories, to songs that have not yet left her songwriting notebook, Kristi will inspire, joke, and put on a fun musical night.

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Kristi Lescinski is an American singer-songwriter from Northeastern, PA, and is living in Brno, Czech Republic. She specializes in pop-folk music with influences from Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles, and Taylor Swift. Kristi has performed throughout northeastern Pennsylvania and central North Carolina, frequently accompanied by her two younger sisters, and has appeared at folk festivals, radio shows, wineries, and private events. Performing covers of classic rock and country sounds, as well as original folk music from her upcoming EP album, Becoming Memories, Kristi focuses on authentic lyricism and acoustic sound. 

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